A Payroll System that is Biometrics Ready

By: Sen Nama

Pasig City, Metro Manila â€“ December 2018 â€“ Payroll system and biometrics are two of the most important company needs. It’s like bread and butter that make a good partner. A biometric is used to monitor the time in and out of all the employees. Some payroll systems can be integrated to a biometric, and we offer a payroll system that can be easily integrated to it. We just need to get the biometric output and fit it in our system.

In that way the payroll master will not have a hard time finishing the payroll, because our system automatically do everything they need.

We are introducing Dashpayroll, “Done fast, done easy!”

We like to inform everyone that we are open for demos. See how Dashpayroll will provide your company’s needs by introducing our system to you.

Contact us at 687-6649 loc. 115 or send your email at inquiry@dashpayroll.com. You can also visit our facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/DashPayrollStandard/.

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