What can you say about Dashpayroll?

By: Sen Nama

Pasig City, Metro Manila June 21, 2019 – This is a blog that collates some of the feedback from the users of Dashpayroll. Our system is created to help our clients do their payroll faster and easier. One of our clients is an accounting firm that provides payroll services. Listed below are some of their feedbacks regarding their experiences in using our system.

First is Ms. Gladys Ann Losanez a Senior Associate and a user of Dashpayroll. She said “I find it very useful and convenient. We can generate our reports on time. We can also generate pay slip with password. Another feature of the system is after you input all the required details, the withholding tax, statutory and deminimis will automatically be computed. I also like the advantage that it works offline, you don’t need an internet connection in processing your payroll.”

Second, we have Ms. Sally Acoba a Manager and a Dashpayroll user. She states that, “My team uses manual in computing the payroll. As I checked the excel files, I’ve seen a lot of wrong computations. My team takes 1 to 2 days just to finish a payroll and our clients are not satisfied with our service. But Dashpayroll came in our lives, and it provides us faster and easier way in processing our payroll.”

And lastly, we have Ms. Jollyphine Cruz she is also a Manager and a Dashpayroll user. She said “We usually use manual or excel in computing. But since Dashpayroll is here to help us, it’s easier and it really lessen our time in processing the payroll.”

Hearing this kind of feedbacks are heart whelming. We’ve done something that other people will benefit from it. It’s a privilege to serve our clients with the things that make their lives easier. It will always be a pleasure for us.

In line with this, we are introducing Dashpayroll, “Done fast, done easy!”

We would like to inform everyone that we are open for demos. See how Dashpayroll will provide your company’s needs by introducing our system to you.


Contact us at 687-6649 loc. 113 or send your email at inquiry@dashpayroll.com. You can also visit our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DashPayrollStandard/.

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