Importance of using a Payroll System

By: Sen Nama


Pasig City, Metro Manila July 5, 2019 – Processing the payroll nowadays is not easy. Using manual computation will keep you feeling stressed. Good thing there are creative minds that created a tool that will make the lives of our payroll masters easier. These will help minimize errors in computing the payroll. We are introducing Dashpayroll, a payroll system that automates all aspect of Philippine payroll process from timekeeping up to generating of reports. We will be sharing some importance, why we need to use a payroll system

1. Maintain Confidentiality and Work Offline

Since we are a PC-based payroll software, you can work without internet and limit the accessible features of Dashpayroll per user.

2. TRAIN Law and DOLE Compliant

Subscribing to a payroll system will lessen your burden in the latest update on the Philippine Government. You don’t have to worry on being compliant because we will handle it for you.

3. Generate Reports Anytime

This payroll system can generate your reports anytime. Internet connection is not a problem with Dashpayroll. You can finish the payroll before deadline.

4. Lessen Man hours

Manual computation of payroll will result to extended hours in the office. But in using a payroll system it will lessen your overtime and you can enjoy a work life balance.

These are some of the important points why you need to shift your manual payroll. You can now work without hassle and enjoy a work life balance.

We would like to inform everyone that we are open for demos. See how Dashpayroll will provide your company’s needs by introducing our system to you.

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