Payroll System that is Train Law ready

Closeup of gavel judgement concept

By: Sen Nama

Pasig City, Metro Manila â€“ February 2019 â€“ Train law has been a big issue for us Filipinos because it affects the price of all our major necessities like: sweetened beverages and petroleum. This new law is affecting an ordinary citizen in terms of their consumable goods.

But with our payroll system, the payroll master would experience a hassle free payroll that is train law ready. This is named as Dashpayroll. It is updated by income tax table and withholding tax which is included in our Train Law. For the part of the payroll master, this will help in the computation of the income tax of the employee that is automatically generated by the system. It can also be monitored if by the end of the year they would have income tax refund, due or just a breakeven.

We also like to inform everyone that we are open for demos. See how Dashpayroll will provide your company’s needs by introducing our system to you.

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