By: Fatima Abillon

Most of the macro business chooses to systematize payroll because of the ideas that could help them in leveraging their task and to have an agile result. In Philippines, SME’s adopt as well the payroll which is done by the software rather using manual inputs.

If you are planning to embrace the change by using systems, this few points can help you to have a good start.

Things to consider when choosing a Payroll System

#1 System must be updated in PH Payroll process

Payroll in Philippines has a tendency to be changed and continually in the process of improvement. Instead of searching for the new update and learning the new formula, choose a system that is DOLE Compliant so that your system will automatically update the payroll process.

#2 Budget

List down your priorities and expectation in using the system then search which are available in the market. Upon searching you will be knowledgeable what else do you need and what are the factors you must have in your system qualification. After gathering the data you need, you can start to cope it with your budget. Today, there are available Payroll Softwares that are economic price and very useful in payroll process as well, such as DashPayroll.

#3 User Friendly

Most of the SME’s Payroll Admin are used to calculate payroll through excel sheet or manual process. It will take time to study again a new way of how to compute payroll. If you are not familiar in using systems, better to be careful in choosing easy-to-use payroll software so that your expectation in making your task easier will be achieved.

As a small business owner, you’re an expert in your business. But you probably are not an expert in payroll. Getting a payroll system that makes sense and is easy for you is important when choosing a payroll system. Some payroll systems can get tricky and require background knowledge in order to run them.

Purchasing a payroll system with a small learning curve saves time and money. You don’t want to buy something that you spend a lot of time learning,  or causes you to spend money on resources to learn how to use it. If possible, try out the payroll system before you buy it.

#4 Fast processing

This is a “must add” to list of your qualifications in choosing a payroll system. The very reason why you need the system is for the team productivity and to make your task easier right? So stick with fast processing payroll software. In DashPayroll, almost a thousand of employees can be computed for less than a minute!

Besides in time processing, payroll admin must check the following:

  • Report Ready

Choose payroll software where you can generate reports even before the deadline.

  • Tax automatically computed & updated

Choose a system where can easily computed and identify what is taxable and non taxable.

#5 Data storage & security

We all know that payroll is a confidential data so it must be secured. Know your company needs; are you looking for online convenience or for offline security?

DashPayroll is an offline software where you can store big data with assured security.

#6 Free trial

Some payroll systems come with a free trial so you can get the hang of running your own payroll. A free trial helps you know exactly what you are purchasing.
Check to see if the payroll system you are considering offers a free trial. It lets you learn the system with a hands-on approach and temporarily run your payroll at no cost to you. Like DashPayroll, it considers your time and knowledge in knowing how to use the software.

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